To do so, players need to hop on one leg and use only their legs to knock others over. The Korean Peninsula is one of those places that people have been crossing for millennia. We tend to think of Japan and China being linked through history, but we forget that most of their exchanges passed through Korea first.

However, an alternate version of the game also exists with larger-sized sticks that can be played both indoors and outdoors. This chat room-style dating sim’s bizarre plot perfectly embodies the absurdities of the “otome” genre. Choose between five romanceable characters, each of whom has a distinct personality .

The markings denote stations, while the lines represent the player’s direction of travel. Although it may appear confusing at first, it is a straightforward game. If you’ve never seen Gonggi in Korea, I have to wonder where you went during your visit. This 먹튀 game is immensely popular and homemade versions are sold in popular stores such as Daiso; handmade versions can be found all over Insadong.

Pebbles have to be caught with a movement from top to bottom and with a clenched fist. The number of stones captured determines the score, with 1 point per pebble successfully acquired. Teams have to throw their stones on the ground first in turns with only one person per turn. Then teams have to pick up the first stone on the floor from their set and throw it in the air. While the stone is still flying in the air, another stone must be picked up on the ground before the first stone falls. With speed, the selected players have to attempt to grab also the stone still in the air to get both plastic balls in their hands.

This game will go on until the last picture has been shown. However, once all prizes have been removed before the players guess the last photo, it automatically signals game over. You can determine the years you won by throwing again the stones you have on the back of your hand into the air and then try to catch all of them. Take all the stones in one hand and lightly throw them onto any flat surface. The game starts by distributing cards faced down to the players.

However, one card must be different as it has the word “도둑 ”. This could be very interesting and fun if you play the game with alcohol and if you are more than three people (I highly suggest it!). This popular hand game can be seen on many Korean variety shows.

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