The height of the walls is perfect for most breeds to be able to leap in effortlessly and with enough depth that they don’t crash into the bottom and damage it. The colour is a little bit plain with no attention given to the design but our dog didn’t care about that as Jeff jumped straight in before we even had a chance to fill it up. From cheap and cheerful options for around £10 to larger, more robust pools for around £30, you’re sure to be able to find one that’s affordable for you. It opens easily to assemble in minutes , folds down for storage and even includes a handy storage bag for travelling. Typically made from scratch-proof PVC, the designs easily fold open and shut, can be transported with ease and don’t require an air pump to assemble.

Its strong circular structure can handle a lot of activity and you won’t see any sagging edges and unwanted water spillages. PVC makes it easily cleanable with a simple pack of wipes. The foldable design in PVC can accommodate dogs up to 25kg, and isn’t just popular as a pool – contented pups like to use it as a ball pit, too. The pool provides a fun, yet relatively safe, controlled environment where dogs can swim and play alongside their owners.

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If you want children and dogs to be in the same pool then an adult should be in the pool with them at all times. There are two colours and six sizes available and it’s usually found for less than £40 which is a decent price. This isn’t just ideal for cooling down but also a place to be able to give your dog a wash. Judging by the reviews this was its most common use as many owners didn’t want to ruin their own bath to do it. If you don’t have a massive amount of space and you have a small low energy dog who just wants to cool down but necessarily wants to swim then this awesome pop-up bathtub is excellent.

Each Dog Paddling Pool is safe and environmentally friendly. All outer layers are made from thickened PVC materials, which makes them harder for all year round use. Every mat is around 100cm in diameter, so a great size for all pets. As an owner you can watch for hours on end at your dog having a great time in the water.

These are shallow paddling pools but will still keep your dog super cool with the fountain effects that can be turned on and off as desired. These handy Best Dog Paddling Pools are great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s non-slip, making it perfect for either washing your pet during the colder months or for keeping them cool all summer long. Described by fans as “”by far the best I have owned”” when it comes to doggy pools, Pecute’s design is a versatile choice that doubles as a kids’ bath, paddling pool and storage basket. This will be your dog most favourite activity from now on.

With taller sides it is big enough for large dogs, or even children, to frolic and play in. Made from low-density polyethylene, this durable, recycled tub is food-grade and non-toxic for pets or humans, and has two-handles for easy portability. It comes in a vibrant range of colours including green, purple and red. Designs that are inflatable require a little more care when it comes to making sure your dog’s nails are trimmed and making sure they do not bite and burst the rim. The same also applies if letting your dog into a child’s paddling pool.

It comes in its own bag with handles making it transportable and ideal for travel. This is a reliable pool which would surprise and delight any dog looking for a splash. It will also delight the owner as it’s one of the cheapest dog paddling pools on the market at the time of review. Dog paddling pools are a great way to help your pet stay cool on warm days, as well as keeping them happy and entertained. Most dog paddling pool designs do not require inflating and instead fold in and out of position, making them quick to set up and pack away, as well as easy to transport. Easy to put up and sturdy and small enough to fill with water quickly.

To use, plug the inflatable splash pad into a standard garden hose to fill with water. As it is inflatable, you must trim your dog’s nails before use and make sure they do not bite it. The rigid-panel design means that the pool will maintain its shape even when it has no water in it. This – coupled with the robust design and hard-wearing construction – make it suitable for alternative uses – such as an outdoor pet bath or dog ball pit.

It is quick and easy to pop-up and comes with built-in drainage holes. Great for traveling and staycations, it’s made using durable PVC material which prevents punctures. This foldable dog paddling pool comes in multiple sizes so you can choose the right one to match your pet. The side walls are made using fortified plastic and medium density fibreboard, preventing water spillage and punctures and meaning there’s no need for inflation.

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