While the General makes its brand as the affordable option for drivers with a high-risk record, there are many other insurers that offer more affordable rates for those who have a similar situation. Young drivers with accidents or a clean driving history should look elsewhere for auto insurance, because they will likely find mediocre rates and mediocre service from The General. A general insurance plan pays out a lump sum in case of an accident or loss of an item.

The General has several policies, including loan/lease payoff, which pays off the difference between the vehicle’s value and the loan balance. For new customers, you can opt for the double deductible, which doubles your deductible for the first 45 days of your policy. However, make sure that you check with your insurer about this option as some states do not allow this option. While there is no one standard minimum liability insurance requirement, most people should purchase more than this. Additional insurance is essential in protecting your personal assets in case of an accident. Click here for more information about commercial general liability insurance.

The General does have a low rate of complaints, which is a good sign for a company that caters to high-risk drivers. The company does struggle to get coverage from major national insurers, which may be a problem for those who have a clean driving record and don’t have a history of accidents. Furthermore, customers who have previously had a negative experience with another insurer may find better discounts with other insurance companies.

The General has an excellent mobile app that offers the same features as the MyPolicy platform. You can file a claim, receive on-demand phone support, and find payment locations near your home. While the company has a good reputation for its service, many customers have reported bad customer service and denials. This is not an indicator of a good insurer. The General is a good choice for car insurance if you’re looking for a cheaper quote than you’re currently paying.

The General has an impressive array of benefits for both businesses and consumers. Its low premiums are attractive to high-risk drivers, but it has a difficult time getting coverage from major national insurers. The company’s rates are too high, and it doesn’t offer meaningful discounts. As a result, it’s a poor choice for drivers with a clean driving record or no incidents. If you’re a high-risk driver, look for another insurer. It may provide better customer service and lower premiums.

The General is the most affordable insurer among large national insurers, and it offers a comprehensive range of coverage options. Although it lacks meaningful discounts, it’s an excellent choice for high-risk drivers. While the company lacks discounts, it does offer SR-22 filing assistance. The General’s website is designed to be user-friendly. The company also offers a mobile app that is highly rated. Its mobile app is well-designed, and it’s easy to manage your insurance through the website.

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