Conversely, if you prefer precision, multiple jets might be frustrating to use effectively as they can be quite overzealous. Most torch lighters will have their multiple jets aligned side-by-side or in a square. However, Colibri have approached things differently with their Quantum lighter.

Lighting cigars sometimes requires a stronger  jet flame lighter than your standard cheap lighter. This torch features a refillable butane tank with an intense single flame designed to light cigars cleanly, evenly, and quickly. This is a pressurized design, so it’ll light in multiple orientations for flexibility. This convertible standard lighter features a converter that turns your refillable lighter into a torch lighter with a trigger igniter.

Your lighter’s housing needs to be a durable, waterproof material for the latter, while a soft flame in a pretty casing is perfect for the former. Consider how waterproof and windproof your lighter will need to be, then decide from there. There are a few different things you need to keep in mind when choosing your lighter. These are a long way from your cheap gas-station disposable lighters with some having highly robust flames, windproof capability, and some even have waterproof housings. The miniature lighter features a steel- and copper-plated housing with a wick. It uses kerosene as fuel, which you’ll need to purchase separately.

The company even offers leather cases as additional accessories to protect your investment. It works in any weather condition, even when it’s wet or windy. The strong flame makes it easy to ignite thicker or denser materials such as cigars. Achieving temperatures up to 1300c, Turboflame lighters are capable of welding soft metals/glass and burning at any angle – even upside down.

A sleeky and well-designed lighter, the WindBlaze earns its namesake by offering superior outdoor performance. Whether you’re sat in on a drafty porch or playing a few rounds on the golf course, it doesn’t let you down. If you’re looking for a device that fulfills both cutting and lighting functions in a single portable package, you could do much worse than Xikar’s Ultra Combo. Featuring an ultra-slim design, the cutter is only slighter thicker than a credit card whilst the lighter is sleek and narrow. The streamlined appearance of the High Performance Triple Jet Flame Lighter is engineered for performance and precision.

For many cigar lovers, part of the joy of smoking is tasting the initial transitions of flavor when a cigar is lit slowly. If your wife is tapping her watch while you smoke, get a torch. While a super-hot flame is desirable for lighting your cigar fast, it can be too much if you’re not careful. Torch lighters burn at roughly 2300 degrees, about twice the temperature of a soft flame.

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