Relive your favorite moments thanks to these high-definition prints. This wraps up our guide to the best canvas print companies. Both our Framed Canvas and our thicker Canvas Prints come with a hanging kit that is simple to use.

Turn your photos into personalised art with stunning, premium quality canvas prints. Like their parent company, Adorama, known for its professional quality, all photo canvas collage are archival, meaning they are guaranteed to last 100+ years under the proper care. You can choose from a wide range of designs and take advantage of personalised gift options to get a truly unique canvas frame online. Whether you want it contemporary or classic, we have got you covered. Personalised canvas frames have long been an integral part of fine decor and also act as unique gifts that your loved ones will hold dear to heart.

For priority shipping customers are required to pay the priority charges. We must ensure the picture chosen for printing must have a minimum of 100 PPI or pixels per inch. For a print size of 12 inches by 12 inches, the final cropped and edited image must have 1200 by 1200 pixels. To learn more about the same check out the image resolution chart. We can expect better clarity and print results if we have a higher resolution image, the higher the image resolution is, the better we get the printing result. Our online canvas printing software can detect the image resolution in realtime and informs the customer if the image has a lower resolution against the print size.

Wherever the sun hits, your printed canvas will only ever reflect one thing… First is the number of canvas panel to create and accommodate in the available wall space. Some people prefer to print a single photo on a big size canvas.

During certain months, Pictorem provides discounts of up to 40% off their canvas prints. If looked after properly, our quality Canvas Prints can last a lifetime! To keep your printed canvas looking as fresh as the day it arrived, make sure not to leave it outside or anywhere humid as it’ll affect the fabric. Also make sure to avoid direct sunlight as the colours might start to fade. It’s important to remember to give your canvas art prints a little dust from time to time too to keep it looking its best – a quick wipe with a soft dry cloth should be fine. If you can never find a frame that’s just right, then you’re in luck.

Our canvas pictures are printed on sturdy polyester canvas and mounted on stretcher bars as a solid wood frame. We’ll include a free hanging kit with our Classic depth Simple Canvas Print, or if it’s the desk canvas you’re creating, it stands up by itself. At 20x20cm, our desk photo canvas is the perfect addition to brighten up your work space.

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