A Pond Underliner is like having an inexpensive insurance policy and is highly recommended to help protect any kind of Pond Liner. Accidents happen, but this liner is simple and easy to repair with the EPDM Repair Kit. Synonymous with simplicity and versatility, epdm vijverfolie also rates highly in both affordably and product strength. Stay up to date with PONDMAX’s latest products, pro tips, and news. Material is produced by Firestone Building Products, accredited to ISO9002 and ISO14001Firestone Pondgard Liner MaterialsIt is recommended that aqua shield Protective Matting is used with all liner materials. We have more than 20 years of experience in the pond and fountain industry.

Roofing material is often made with harsh ingredients such as arsenic that can sicken or kill your fish. If you install unsafe liner material in your pond you will soon see the fish moving around very lethargic and they will have a loss of appetite. At that point, your fish will die and there is nothing that can be done about it. But wait a minute, you may have tested water running off your roof and have found it to be chemical-free.

Considered the best pond liner for durability and longevity. Your Firestone liner will not release any harmful chemicals and is certified safe for fish, animals, and humans. Firestone can stretch to 300% original size and so it is able to adjust to any changes in the surface under the pond as things shift over time. Firestone is highly flexible and remains so down to -45° centigrade so it is good for all that the British climate can throw at it. The flexibility means that you can make almost any pond shape with ease.

When testing roof runoff you are testing water that has quickly passed over the roofing material and not had a very long contact time. Water in a pond is in constant contact with the lining material and this constant contact will show a much higher concentration of hazardous chemicals. Avoid the chance of turning your backyard oasis into a “TOXIC POND OF DEATH” and use Firestone certified fish safe PondGard 45 mil EPDM liner. Firestone EPDM pond liner is a fish-safe pond liner that leads the industry in quality, durability and versatility.

My name is John Olson and I am the CEO of Graystone Industries. I have devoted myself to assisting consumers in the Garden and Pond Industry. To keep on top of trends and breakthroughs in the pond world I travel the country studying and teaching at industry events. We have listed above the most common sizes we sell, however our fantastic suppliers are able to manufacture a much wider range of sizes. Please add the size you need to the box below and we will be happy to send you a formal quotation by email. This pond liner repair kit has every you need to easily repair minor damages to any EPDM liner.

The company has developed their rubber production throughout the years and have steadily branched out into many industries. In fact, the Firestone Company has 13 plants making a range of products including their versatile line of Firestone pond liners. Firestone EPDM pond liners are backed by a 20-year guarantee. These fish-safe liners are high-quality and reliable, with an exceptional resistance to UV rays, ozone, and oxidation. Making the investment in a quality Firestone EPDM liner can ensure the security of your pond for years to come. Underlayment is installed beneath the pond liner to help prevent damage to the liner from rough or rocky ground.

Contact the experts in pond liners and pond installations for valuable advice and information. One of the best fish pond liners and aquaculture pond liners in the world. Firestone pond liner is a high-quality EPDM synthetic rubber waterproof membrane designed to last. Firestone is considered the best fish pond liners and general pond liners in the world for a number of reasons.

Firestone PondGard Pond Liners are designed for use in decorative ponds and water features, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as frost, snow and extreme temperatures. With enhanced weatherization and increased resistance to ozone and UV exposure, Firestone PondGard Pond Liners provide long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. For more than 20 years, Graystone Industries has been supplying pond and fountain customers with high quality products at an affordable price. We have a massive selection of water garden items, from the smallest fountain pump to the largest 30 acre pond installations we have over 3000 quality pond supply items in stock and ready to ship. PVC liner is super cheap and really easy to work with since it is so thin.

Firestone Pond Liner is sold by length , cut from large sheets varying from 6’ to 50’ wide and up to 100’ long. This means you can get a seamless sheet up to 50’ (15.24m) x 100’ (30.48m). We can also provide single sheets joined in our factory up to 100’ x 100’, or multiple sheets for joining on site. If you are interested in larger sizes, please contact us. Balancing functionality and beauty, PondGard Rubber Liners are the perfect choice for creating unique water feature designs. If you need help with your liner installation please call us and we will give you advice and help where we can.

All sizes up to 40m x 45m fabricated at our Wyboston facility here in the UK. Gordon Low Products are an authorised SealEco manufacturing partner so you are covered by the manufacturers 20 year material quality guarantee. These rocks will emerge over time as the HUGE weight of your pond presses down on it.

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