In 2018, the Litigation Counsel of America inducted him into the Trial Lawyers Honorary Society. Since 2006, Jeff has been recognized in both Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers for personal injury… Mr. Kanterman is a problem solver, dedicated to helping his clients navigate complex civil and criminal matters, and focused on achieving innovative and practical results. Philadelphia Personal Injury lawyer at Kane & Silverman P.C., representing clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The problem is, when it comes to enforcing the terms of the coverage reflected on the certificate of insurance, the certificate of insurance is essentially worthless. It’s just a written statement by an insurance broker, not an actual policy. While it might get the broker or policyholder into trouble for negligence or misrepresentation if it’s not valid, it creates no rights against the insurance company. To know more by clicking this website

As you probably know, a certificate of insurance is a document, normally issued by an insurance broker, that supposedly verifies the existence and terms of an insurance policy. It’s common in the construction industry, where contractors and subcontractors are generally required to carry certain types of coverage, but really, the insurance card in your car is also a kind of certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance is one of the most important documents that you can review in connection with your business contract, because if something goes wrong, you may need to tap that coverage. Another potentially helpful case is Wakefern Food v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. That case involved a group of supermarkets and the 2003 power blackout, which was caused by problems with the electrical grid.

And, instead of turning onto a less heavily-trafficked side street, the crew decided to unload equipment in the middle of the road. (Terrible idea.) During the week-long trial, a supervisor for the landscaping company admitted that stopping in traffic was dangerous. Compounding the problem, the workers failed to put out cones, flags, or lookouts to redirect traffic. A highly placed corporate executive who became disabled as a consequence of contracting HIV AIDS.

Attorney profiles include biographical information, education and training, and contact information to help you decide which lawyer to hire. We even show you where to find their firm web sites and personal biographies. If you are about to embark on the estate planning process, the first thing you should do is to seek out the help and support of a Haddon Heights estate planning lawyer. When you come to Harris Law Office, you can have confidence in the help you can receive because Attorney Harris is dedicated to providing you with the help you need at this time.

And since other states look to Delaware Courts for guidance with respect to business issues, that’s very important to those of us who represent policyholders in coverage litigation. Super Lawyers directory is an index of attorneys who exhibit excellence in the practice of law. You can browse attorney listings covering everything from personal injury to family law to business litigation. Insurance coverage attorneys represent business or consumer clients in legal matters involving dispute about what an insurance policy covers.

RSUI provided insurance in the 8th layer of the coverage tower, with $10 million in insurance over $75 million in underlying limits. The plaintiffs won $148 million in a bench trial in one of them. RSUI disclaimed coverage for defense costs and the verdict, on the ground that insuring fraud was against public policy. The carrier’s claim file often doesn’t contain the type of rational, detailed analysis I would expect. Taking the cue from his strong suggestion, the claims lawyers composed a denial letter that included a thicket of insurance policy language not remotely relevant to the facts. And, once the coverage case got to Court, it didn’t end well for the carrier, which ended up having to pay the claim and my firm’s fees.

Republic argued that conversion is an intentional tort, and intentional damage was excluded by the policy, but the Court found that conversion could potentially be committed negligently, and that was enough to trigger the duty to defend. The Court disagrees with INIC that the relevant language is unambiguous. Exclusions from coverage are supposed to be given the narrowest possible construction against the insurance company.

The Law Offices of Gary M. Price LLC has extensive experience litigating Premise Liability, Trucking, Transportation, Construction, Workers Compensation , Insurance ,Personal Injury and Product Liability actions in New Jersey. Mr. Price has litigated numerous matters in the State and Federal Courts. Brian received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Rutgers University College Camden where he graduated summa cum laude, earning the Jack Marvin Weiner award and the Armitage award for highest overall grade average. He graduated from Rutgers School of Law Camden in 2008. While in law school he performed pro bono work for the Community Dispute Resolution Pro Bono Mediation Project and completed a pro bono research project for a local maritime non-profit. Brian has over twenty years experience as a licensed mariner and over fifteen years in marine management positions, including Port Captain.

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