We bought it to replace the mirror that used to hang in the bedroom that we turned into a DIY Antiqued Mirror for our dining room. Jewelry cabinet made of wood, Vintage mini cabinet | Jewelry cabinet, vintage jewelry organizer | Trinkets and jewelry, mini cabinet with drawers. If you are someone who loves jewelry and wants to keep it organized in one place, a white jewelry box is a must-have piece of furniture at home. Not only does it keep your jewelry organized, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your home décor. Create a home office within your existing space by storing your computer on one Southern Enterprise’s attractive computer desks. Choose from models with storage options like open shelves or drawers.

wall mount jewelry mirror have a built-in mirror for ease of use, while glass jewelry boxes offer a more classy look. Jewelry boxes with lock are perfect for keeping your valuable pieces secure, and watch boxes are specifically designed to keep your watches organized and easily accessible. Songmics lockable jewelry cabinet armoire with mirror, wall-mounted space saving jew… When shopping for a white jewelry box, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The first is the size of the box, which will depend on the amount of jewelry you have.

Place the screws into the pilot holes inside the cabinet and screw them in until they stick out the back of the cabinet. This will make it much easier to line them up to the wall anchors. Drill pilot holes through the back of the frame in each upper and bottom corner of the cabinet. Attach a magnetic door latch according to package directions on the back of the door halfway down and to the inside of the cabinet. Lay the mirror down on your worktable, center the plywood back, and attach it to the back of the mirror with construction adhesive. Set something heavy on top and leave it overnight for the glue to cure.

First, you’ll want to paint them the same color as the cabinet because they will be seen from behind the pegboard. Once the paint is dry attach them with wood glue and brad nails. To give the mirror a shabby chic finish, I lightly distressed around the edges with 220-grit sandpaper.

Recessed jewelry cabinets are one of the most popular materials to modernize, and replaces the old-fashioned style with the beauty of the rooms. Southern Enterprises is best known for their range of fireplaces, electric fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, SEI has a model to suit you. Choose a sleek stainless steel gel fireplace or a traditional freestanding electric fireplace in wood finish. Or choose a model that is also a TV stand to create an instant focal point in your space.

The jewelry storage inside of this armoire consists of 5 double hooks at the top, which are perfect for storing necklace and bracelet sets. Below this are two rows of 11 flat hooks capable of holding several necklaces each. If needed, each notch is capable of holding a set of earrings. Additionally, below the earring storage on the door there are 10 single necklace/bracelet hooks to make sure you never run out of room!

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